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Spam - How to avoid it on your websites


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Update 4-2019 DMM

I made strides to cut down on the garbage mail and for months it did subside until about 3 weeks ago when I and the domain became the focus of spammers attacks. The screen shot (photo above) is just a small sample of the just that comes in every few seconds. The fix is yet to be found, but this is a true DOS (Denial Of Service) attack. I will have more on this as it unfolds. DMM 7-20-2008


I have been doing the internet for over 20 years. I have done SEO work for about 10 years that requires me to answer automatic emails sent by search engine's "bot". All that time my e-mail address at has been passed around and abused by everyone possible. At the high point I received over 17 thousand trash e-mails in just one Sunday afternoon in December 2007 (some where I have screen shots of this to prove it)!

This is how I have fought back. I have already seen a big reduction at The spammers use a tool that is much like the search engines use, to "harvest" e-mail addresses from WebPages. There are a lot of other ways to collect emails, but this is the one that caused me the most grief. So I added encryption to my e-mails displayed on the page. It looks (and works) like normal e-mail to the user but it is invisible to the spammer's auto bots.

There are a lot of other mail traps, and "honey pots" at and it seems that things are getting much better. Contained all over these pages, are mail traps that spammers fall into, and by "harvesting" emails at they help by report themselves! I believe the best way to end spam is to bog the spammers down with bogus emails. If they are hitting dead links then their efforts are worthless, and the few that get through gets smaller and smaller. With some effort spam could soon get to be just like static on the radio, it happens but we don't pay much attention.

I still get some junk mail, but the volume it down 90% in just 3 months. Most of the spam I am getting now is from virus infected machines. These viruses use the victim's machine to send spam to people in their address book. I can't do much about these poor unknowing people, except to inform them about virus and anti-spyware fixes. Need help? You can reach me----> Mindach If you get no reply you might have been placed on a blocked lust by or you might want to check their "Blacklist" for you domain. Mine has been listed several times, thanks to the spammers impersonating me. DMM 3-2008. If you like this effort, click on one of the links below. I have no control of the ads shown here, so please be careful what you download.



STOP THE SPAM; Don't add to the problem by adding your "auto Responder" most of the spam is generated by someone other than the sender. In other words they are impersonating the poor guy that has be victimized by the spammer. adding your reply adds to the problem. Don't do it! just ignore the unwanted incoming mail.


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Federal Trade Commission

The FTC wants copies of your unwanted e-mails and e-mails that have deceptive unsubscribe links. They use the unsolicited e-mails stored in their database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive spam e-mail.

To report any unwanted e-mails you receive, simply forward the messages to Make sure that you include the header information in the e-mail.

The FTC wants to know if you find an e-mail with an unsubscribe link that is not active, does not unsubscribe you or results in more spam. You can fill out a complaint form at


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The information here is for free distribution in the hope to stem the increasing spam or junk email problem.

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