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The quick, correct, down and dirty, system fixes. by Don Mindach


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So you found a virus or spyware on your computer and it just won't go away. You thought you were protected by Norton, or McAfee, until your system ran amuck. What do you do now you ask?

This list is not in a special order (unless noted otherwise) as it depends too much on the virus or problems you have to give an order.


Please read them all before you start; I suggest you collect your "tools" before you start. Your system will get worse before it gets better.

  • Always #1; Take notes, of the problem you found. There may be a removal tool available Check at for a fix. If there is none it might be worth trying one of the scan / removers. A well maintained list is here
  • #2 Make sure you don't have a hardware problem. A failing hard drive, motherboard, or bad RAM can act like a virus and lock up the system, cause reboots and "blue screens". rule this out first if you have any doubts rule this out first. Here is a tool to help test your hardware "Fresh Diagnose".
  • So that didn't work? Try running again in "Safe mode" (Click on this link for how to enter safe mode).
  • Still didn't work? then try the fraud fix (safe mode is best) from Smith Micro. Software/cleaners/SmitfraudFix.exe This package runs best in "Safe Mode" and it is a DOS type program. Read the screens carefully. You may have to remove some of the operating system, that will require you to reload so or all of windows. Note You can try this anytime you might even start here.
  • I didn't mention windows restore, it does work sometimes. Give it a try, if you can't recover it this way then turn it off before you try to clean your virus. Otherwise you will "Restore" the virus on restarts.
  • You got it fixed but now your system won't connect to the internet. Here is that tool. Winsock XP Fix.
  • Sill got problem that are not hardware and you tried reloading windows and still have a problem? Try a brand new hard drive you could have a boot sector problem. You can low format an old drive.Software/Low-Format/LLFsetup.2.36.1181.exe at your own risk. anything could happen, Danger, Warning BE CAREFUL, you will loose everything!!!

 I hop this helps you.


The information here requires that the user have a more than average knowledge of computer systems. If you don't know what DOS is or Safe Mode. Or making a boot disk is something you have never done. Please do your homework before you proceed.



  1. Avast


  1. Spyware Terminator
  2. Spybot Search and Destroy. (This used to be better).


  1. CCleaner



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