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Cyber Security - How and why are we attacked?

Security Alert: 25 Oct 2021

It is much better to be proactive than reactive!
IT Security News First:  


Cyber Security can be divided into several different levels, or classifications but you first have to identify what you are worried about, is it Internal data theft, external hacking, or a combination of several. Sadly the is no one fix that does it all, but instead a multi-level plan of counter-intelligence of reverse hacking has worked for me for many years. I have NEVER had a successful breach, but I have prevented many.

In my practice I have done router tricks to deflect attacks. Used "Honey Pots" to allow hackers to steal useless information and out themselves. I usually deploy a host of "retail" products that have known limits as cyber-bait, and other layers of backup security measures. I am a believer in the idea that you can not completely stop hackers, but you can stop them from acquiring your "REAL" data with a series of decoys that will lead them to your trap and getting arrested.

My Business )for the past thirty years) has centered around keeping businesses safe, so I have seen most every scam running on a computer. But new version and combination are coming to life every day. My point is that there no single way to protect your business. The best way is to have a network administrator watch everything that happens. The worst "scam" I have seen lately is "Managed Service Providers"

Common sense solutions are rarely used. Most try to sell you the glitz on the web, with very little substance (and a lot of abbreviations). I am often discussed with client's lack of ethics! "Business is business" does not excuse anything! Story coming soon.


Managed Service Provider for Information Technology is just like the Wizard of OZ... Smoke and Mirrors!



I have seen this (below) first hand several times in the past year (2020). Sad how much money was wasted on pay criminals!

What is a reverse social engineering attack?

A reverse social engineering attack is a person-to-person attack in which an attacker convinces the target that they have a problem or might have a certain problem in the future and that the attacker, is ready to help solve the problem. Reverse social engineering is performed through the following steps:

1). An attacker first damages the target's equipment.
2). He next advertises himself as a person of authority, ably skilled in solving that problem.
3). In this step, he gains the trust of the target and obtains access to sensitive information.

If performed well enough to convince the target, the victim often calls the attacker and asks for help.


Here is a course on Cyber Security.

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