Don Mindach
Experienced 20+Yrs Information Technology Contractor.
Indianapolis Indiana 46201
(317) 294-7713 C (317) 636-6220 Office

Work Experience (Some Highlights):

Computer Hut / Mindach & Assoc Information Technology Business Owner since 1994 to Date -. Information Technology System Sales, Service, and planning at all levels. I.T. business plans, contracts, proposals, and budgets. Running custom web servers for SEO operations as Clients require with several top rated in keyword websites. Remote Access setup and security.

Performed Technology Services as independent contractor for:

American Trans Air 1994 to 2002 Outsource Contractor
Installing hardware, VPN and workgroup network setup. Installed eLibrary at the training academy in 1998.

Vincennes University & Purdue University 1998 to 2005 - Outsource Contractor doing network administrator services and design. Including secure testing labs, v (for I.T. Certifications), eLibrary setup with server, workstation, and Kiosk.

Patterson EagleSoft Dental Clients (MSSQL Server): Charles Solomon DDS LLC -1999 to 2008, Mitchell DDS 2002 to 2012, Salazar DDS, Don Newman DDS 2006 to 2011. Mirror Image Plastic Surgery: Drs Greg Churnoff MD, Susan Short MD, and Wally Zollman, MD, Doing: I.T. product recommendations and Dell products sales VAR (Value Added Reseller), Network advance setup for PCI & HIPAA considerations with hardware and software on new office installs.

Hilton Group - (Sporting Goods Retailer) 2008 to 2014 - Designed, wired, setup, 10 note point-of-sale (POS) system. And for "Pop Guns" retail outlet. Installed Webs server and designed web sites for PCI compliant ecommerce operations,, Google awarded for "Top Million" website 2010.

Tillman Truck Gear - 2000 to 2020 Contractor - Network admin, Secure Hardware VPN, IT Budgeting, Microsoft Server spec-outs setup and integration for both Indiana stores.

Notable Accomplishments:

First Secure I.T. & Aircraft tech testing & certification site at American Trans Air.
First successful "real-time" use of USB cameras over IP via a hardware VPN for medical use for Paterson EagleSoft database.
Washington DC Selected to install secure private office for appointed Ambassador (info available on request).
HIPAA approved hardware VPN (rare).
Private Microwave Long Distance WiFi VPN with security.
Caught foreign hacker running Indianapolis based at Southern Plaza a proxy server system (to appear local) used to attack web servers, and other business systems.
Done forensic research for various law enforcement agencies.

Information Technology Skills
Network (Some):

Cat Wiring Tracing wiring (toner), doing punch-downs (panels & keystone), testing and verification including (EMF) interference testing.
Network testing equipment (hardware and software), using to test for network collisions, interference, finding and correcting mis-wiring.
Router Setup for VPN, QOS, DMZ, workgroup, port restrictions, port forwarding tracing.
Managed switch installs.

Server Design and Setup for:

Database MSSQL & MYSQL
Remote Desktop (RDP)
Mirrors (multi-servers) running as one for redundancy (zero time down).
IIS or Apache web-server setup, and administering.

Software Experience:

Microsoft Operating System All versions of server and workstations for use, setup, and reinstall.
Office All Versions including cloud based setups, as well as LibreOffice and Open Office. Publisher, Power, Point Excel, Word, and Access.
WordPress, FrontPage, and other HTML editors.

Desktop Experience:

Testing Hardware from BIOS to motherboards and drives.
Linux and Microsoft setup, backup, reinstall.
Clone drives, and MS license reinstall.
Training end users with Microsoft, Linux or Apple products,
Email setup and migrations (Outlook, Thunderbird, and others).

Other IT skills:

Printers, Plotters, Raster, and others Network and personal type connected by WiFi, Ethernet, or any other cabling (LTP, USP Serial/Comm connection) with or without print spooler server.
Medical Imaging and X-Ray hardware install and testing.
Comfortable with software modification and testing.
Installing firmware on most any hardware.
Linux desktop and servers for most any purpose.
Network security scanning via workstation, server, routers, and external intrusion testing.
Designing Security traps to catch unauthorized access at any level.
Advanced Diagnostic Skills.
Reading (and writing) wiring diagrams and blueprints.
Using electrical & mechanical test equipment LAN devices, Multi-meter, Scopes, Micrometer, and other.
Can do some C.A.D. and can setup CAD software local, workstation or server.
Remote Management software Install, configure, or use AnyDesk, TeamViewer, Citrix (any version), RDP/Remote Desktop.
Antivirus, malware, rootkit scanners, Botnets, adware, - Setup, install, use detection or removal of most threats.