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Jan 1994 to Nov 2021

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Information Technology - Experienced >20yrs in:


Hardware Testing

Network Design

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Offsite and onsite backup.
  • Physical and virtual media setups.
  • ISO and cloned drive technologies
  • Cloud backup.
  • Virus Cleaning and data recovery for all reason.

Database Installs


Server Setup

Software Setup

  • Workstation & Application Servers.

  • TCP/IP port conflict resolutions

  • Malware Detection and resolutions.

  • Operating system upgrades for Microsoft and Linux/Apple systems.

  • Webpage / domains.

American Trans Air (ATA) 1994 to 1999 when corporate closed most of the Indianapolis Indiana office.

From 1992 to 2000:

  • 1994 setup Microsoft Windows version 3.1 network later Win95, 98r2

  • Hardware builder (386dx to 586) & supplier for over 75 units and users.

  • Network Administrator - Lantastic to Microsoft upgrades.

  • VPN design setup to corporate offices.

  • Maintained data and database setup.

  • Setup student study and testing library at ATA Training Academy

  • Setup secure testing lab for student qualification exams via FAA - Silvia Testing

2000 to 2020 we have worked for:

  • Worked (as contractor) for medical doctors (Drs, K. Short MD, G. Chernoff MD, Dr Zolman MD, and several other) to setup "Mirror Image" (digital imaging database).

  • Installed workstations and servers for Point of Sale systems Microbiz, CounterPoint

  • Designed and Installed Dental networks, software install, and databases for (Indiana DDSs) Mitchell, Romas, Newman, Salazar, Solomon, and others using Paterson Eaglesoft, or Schein Dental (Dentrix).

  • Contract work for: Eli Lilly, Purdue University, Vincennes University, Schaefer Technologies, Tillman Truck Gear, 8-Seconds Saloon, Indy Gun Bunker, and many others - Servicing MASS90, INTUIT, and most other major software titles.

  • I have worked for and done Security Setup for Ambassadors, Governors, Fortune 500 Company CEOs, and others in many locations throughout the USA.

  • Former "Organic" editor for Google (pre IPO in 2008).- SEO work on websites.

Also done :

  • WIFI - Custom & long range transmission installs with point to point (hardware) with VPNs.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Knowledge of what Google wants with many top 10 rankings in our history. New site soon in 2021 with SEO techniques showcased.

  • HTML, W3c, and Java experience.


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