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Why Linux instead of Windows?

Some key points:

  • Cost - Linux is free, Windows is not!

  • Compatibility - 90% of all the hardware in the World will run easily.

  • Stability - It just works, most very time with no real maintenance required.

  • Much faster than Windows.

  • No spyware.

Linux Software "must haves"

Marketing and successful search engine friendly (SEO) projects for over twenty (20) years. We have worked for the "who is who" of the world today, so you security and privacy is assured. 

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Linux operating systems installs  for servers, laptops and IoT devices.


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Linux, for a better operating system for desktops, laptops and servers.

Desktop users are you tired of Windows 10 (2015) continuously broken?  We can help you get going with Linux.

Ready for something much more up-to-date, secure, lower cost, and even better? Linux Mint  2021 operating system (version 20.1)

Unix & Linux powers the most powerful computers on Earth!

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