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Cell Phone (Verizon) Voice connection problems June & July 2021- Update Now Aug 2021


Solution: Blackview-phone/Military Standard and changing to T-Mobile

Verizon after 15 years, treated me very badly, service, support, rate, and long hold time were inexcusable! So for better service and a much lower rate I switched to T-mobile (my bill went down $38).

I now have a Blackview BV6300-pro phone.

Why This phone?




Diminished voice cell phone strength... Caused by new cell tower? Looks like this is the cause.

https://www.indy.gov/activity/small-cell-facilities <---Permit for pole and date installed.

New Verizon tower June 2021 (Shown below)

<---- New cell tower added June 2021 (4 doors down).