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Linux/Unix is the operating system of the most powerful system on Earth.

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Information Technology Services

Saving our Client's more than we charge since 1994.

Striving for the highest levels of Ethics, and Professionalism.

We NEVER installing hidden code in Clients systems.

  • Open Source Solutions often can save money but also often work better working solution without the service interruptions.

  • Network design Services WAN, LAN, WIFI & VPN.

  • SEO for Websites - Google search recommendations. Extensive E-commerce experience.

  • PCI & HIPAA Compliance checks.

  • VPN high security setups.

  • Cyber Security including Virus & Malware Checks and more I.T. Services.

  • Intellectual Property Questions.

Information Technology questions answered LIVE - Indianapolis Indiana.



Information Technology advice of REAL Value, reliable, sustainable, that works the first time. Your most difficult technology problems are welcome. We are often called when others before us have failed, We routinely save our client's real money by offering "Open Source solutions" (when possible) to reduce costs with a better solution..


Established 1994, first to support the aircraft industry (named "Computer Hut"), over the years we've evolved to offer a variety of professional IT services to our many clients. Web advice, SEO, Network Security, Hardware, SEO Marketing & E-commerce advice when it counts and has to work, last, and be affordable.


We have worked for the "who is who" of the world today, so you security and privacy is assured.  References available on request.Click here to call Mindach for help

Services for Windows, Linux, Apple/Mac

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