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BEWARE: Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Self Destruct - Photos Below


In my opinion:

Expensive Dunlop Motorcycle Tires should be considered Defective and Dangerous even if within the 72month warranty period as these tires may "self destruct" spontaneously at any time. My examples tires are 5 yrs old (shown here below in photos) were not abused in any way. And other tires stored close show no problems, Dry rot on Dunlop tires that are less than 6 years old is inexcusable and may be dangerous if not discovered.

My Defective Dunlop Tires shown in photos below:

  Dunlop tire problems - Note: Cracking but little wear.  Dunlop motorcycle tire with little wear but badlu cracked on sidewall

Dunlop - Will not cover "Cracking" or dry rot (see very fine print)!

Talked today to: Thomas Lee at Dunlop Tire, on 23 June 2022 and my tire is NOT Covered and no consideration whatsoever from Dunlop Tire Company even though they were installed on Aug 2016 (less than 72 months old).

Do you expect your MC tires stored inside to self-destruct? Mine did, and they were not abused, or worn in any way only five years old. Dunlop motorcycle tires are made to dry rot and self destruct. This is the fourth (4th) tire to do the same thing in a protective environment where other brand tires weathered with no problem.

I will not buy Tires with Dunlop's name on it again after as many failure as I say  enough is enough!



Over the years, defective Dunlop tires have caused a number of very serious wrecks. Many involved errant tire labels. Some Dunlop tires had the wrong markings for things like load range and ply rating. As a result, victims had the wrong kinds of tires on their wheels without even knowing it.

Others know Dunlops are may be junk too (Below):

WHAT IS WARRANTED at Dunlop Motorcycle Tire... Nothing!

Here is that Dunlop advertises:
"Every new Dunlop motorcycle tire that becomes unserviceable within six years or 72 months of the date of manufacture for conditions other than those which are listed under “WHAT IS NOT COVERED” will be replaced on the basis specified under “REPLACEMENT COST” below".
Dunlop's worthless warranty!

Original site states:

According to Dunlop Tires, “You should replace the motorcycle tires if they are over five years old.” - So a 72 month (6yr) warranty is worthless!

Karma will get Dunlop...

  • Car airbags that no longer function is a set time after warranty.
  • Seatbelts that fail right after the cars warranty expires.
  • Like the paint falls off their cars in the same way their motorcycle tires disintegrate.

Like Car Tires Motorcycle tires should never completely, spontaneously, self destruct... especially on a motorcycle!


What you see here is my opinion and experiences to warn others that I find this unacceptable in a quality company. I wish them the same in their dealings that they extended to me... Bad Luck Dunlop!

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