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 tests that are a "MUST DO" to combat the latest virus spyware threats and other PC problems.


The Products below have no warranty from me in any way, please be careful.


Glary Utilities Free

Glary Utilities Free includes a variety of system tools that can help you clean your PC from junk files, remove Internet traces, find invalid registr ...

  • Freeware
  • Windows compatibility98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista


  1. Norton Antivirus was a must program, McAfee is 3nd, but have something in place BEFORE your surf the web! Test your system here---> #1 Use Avast at The Best in virus protection and system and network protection (You will still need more read on...) .I have tried them all, Norton Antivirus has worked best, time and time again. There can be problems if NAV is not installed correctly, and the uninstall and reinstall can be a pain. Call me, I have the fixes, most of the time for free.

  2. Think your computer is safe? Read what Microsoft has to say about Internet security. They say you are on you own!

  3. This also is a must software package  Zonealarm ,I can't believe its free at what a great program. Cable, and DSL, users need a firewall router too!

  4. Spybot - Search & Destroy - Removes Spyware and adware! 100% of the system I have seen in the last 6 months have been infected with "spyware" or "adware". This includes several new computers, right out of the box sent out by major manufactures, like Dell, Sony, Hp, and others! It is not their fault it is just imbedded in almost everything. Or here

  5. Microsoft's Internet Explorer - Because several security problems, I recommend anyone interested in a secure system, should find another browser to replace IE. There are to many reason to list here, so in the interest of safer computer. I now recommend Mozilla, it is a quality browser with many features, and will remain so as long as the "cyber terrorist" ignore writing code to target this browser. Get it here at --> it is free software without spyware!


    Great help books from Que Publishing; Hardware includes all that computer stuff—the computer itself, with its keyboard, monitor, mouse or trackball, and printer, they have it here online.

CA Security Advisor site
CA's Security Advisor quickly researches and responds to global threats via a network of rapid response centers around the world delivering:

Time Server Pool

Optional (but very useful) Software Links Below;

These (below) packages are not for the faint of heart, but useful in many ways, be careful with this software, you can make a mess real fast if you don't pay attention (most are free!)

SiteProNews - The Webmaster Resource Site


Software, Freeware and Shareware;

Lots of great software below (you won't find many games.)

Freeware not spyware offered here. Great Freeware you won't find most places.

Webattack IS Freeware  webattack is now snapfiles. Free Software (freeware) from WebAttack.. - only the best on net Freeware here too, some of the most useful is their antivirus selection.

AntiVirus Scanners And Tools..

PCWorld has it all, and the best reveiws I have read. They have everything for web promotions, and great reviews!
A standard for shareware is they do more than most.
Software for Website Promotions, Without this stuff you might as well have an unlisted website. Warning you can do more damage than good, get some trusted professional market advice on you website first! Newsletter information reprint.
Monitor the registry status (active, registrar hold, registrar-lock, etc) of global top level domains. Domain Name Status Reporter
Need to find the owner of an IP block or Domain Name  use Whois View.
Website promotions, online marketing, Internet marketing secrets and other web promo packages. (Not Free! $$$)
Great software for website promotions. (Not Free! $$$$)
 The #1 place to start web marketing. The time spent here will pay off more than any other thing you can do. Find your ideal set of keywords for promoting your web pages. A great Internet marketing tool!  Good Keywords I can't stress this enough!
Find the best domain names for your website or business  Domain Name Analyzer .
A simple freeware internet marketing tool to filter large lists (e.g. expired domain lists) of domain names Domain Name Filter.
Perform efficient Google searches from your desktop. A handy online research tool that uses the new Google API. Google API Search Tool A great graphic too. it is free too!

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