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NAPA - my Online Shopping - Disappointment

In Mid May 2022,

 I needed a good master cylinder for my Ford Explorer and wanted a quality American product. I thought I would do the job fast and since I always trusted NAPA I place my first online order with them.

The NAPA Master Cylinder came fast, with free shipping (but priced much higher cost than other sources) but it was not as the one they displayed in their website. What I got was a "made in China" labeled on the box master cylinder, that appeared to be of average or lower quality Chinese made product.


Chinese Product Delivered by NAPA (above).

napa ADVERTISED - USA-American Made Master Cylinder

This is a RAYBESTOS MC390268 - NAPA pictured

(Click to see easy in larger view)



Received was not what was ordered.

Note: "USA" in photo in ad above.


Check fo youself!


Worse I could not get NAPA to even acknowledge a problem!

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