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SAMBA (file share) - Linux Server



Linux server file shares.

Because of crazy hackers file sharing is crazy sometimes! The first steps include taking a survey of security software installed. New systems are much easier than older units because of the layers of security and management software installed. Every Managed Service Provider (MSP) thinks they know EVERYTHING. What we have discovered is the opposite and the MSPs are DANGEROUS! Don't let them hack your system

Setup shares figure:

  1. What to share?
  2. With Who?
  3. Security?
  4. Visible?
  5. VPN?



Ref: Commands:


  • sudo apt install samba    (Installer)
  • sudo apt install wsdd    (Discovery)
  • sudo service wsdd status     (Status)
  • sudo apt install avahi-daemon  (For Mac OS)
  • sudo service avahi-daemon status (For Mac OS)
  Bypass the bugs by asking for the server and it's share explicitly - in the file manager or Connect to Server with one of these:
Linux Desktop Software "must haves"

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